About Aerodyne

Transporting Essential Personnel and Equipment Anywhere, Anytime

Servicing Hard To Reach Areas By Private Plane

Founded by two engineers, aircraft maintenance company Rotordyne acquired its first aircraft in November 2015.

Their goal was to have their own means of safely transporting engineers, tooling, parts, and equipment, without being limited by destinations not serviced by regional regular public transport operators such as REX and Qantas Link.

Having their own aircraft at their disposal proved to be a successful way to supplement the maintenance business and rapidly respond to their customers remote location servicing requirements.

Fully Certified Air Operators

After obtaining their own Air Operators Certificate, and with the acquisition of faster aircraft with greater load-carrying capabilities, the operation has matured.

Aerodyne now provides a range of air charter services including rapid transportation of people and freight for business, flights to New South Wales’ many tourist attractions and scenic flights in and around Sydney.

Air Services – Charter and Airwork 24/7


Chartering an aircraft gives peace of mind and provides a solution to otherwise logistical problems associated with air travel. Ensure that you get to where you need to be on time. We provide 24/7 service and provide the flexibility to travel to regional places that are not serviced by the airlines.


Either an hour long scenic flight over Sydney harbour and Bondi beach or a lifelong dream to travel to a special place in Australia, we can provide the comfort and flexibility of your own plane.


Aerial photography, survey, and fire spotting amongst other airwork tasks we can provide solutions for. With our in-house engineering team, we can provide seamless fit out of equipment and avoid the complications dealing with multiple parties.