Charter Flight from Sydney to Bourke and Orange

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Aerodyne Charter Flight Bankstown to Bourke & Orange

Charter Flight from Sydney to Bourke and Orange

Aerodyne recently completed a crew transfer of helicopter pilots from Bankstown Airport in Sydney, to Bourke and Orange. This charter flight out of Sydney was required to swap out pilots who are assisting in the recent flooding event in outback NSW.

We transferred 3 passengers and the charter flight consisted of 3 legs, a flight from Sydney to Bourke (2hrs 12min), a flight from Bourke to Orange (1hr 36min) and a flight from Orange to Sydney (36min).
Total flying time 4hrs and 24mins

If you compared this to conducting the same crew change using traditional car travel, the equivalent journey would have taken 18hrs of driving time, at least 2 hrs of rest breaks and accommodation overnight for 3 people, the fuel cost for the vehicle, potential vehicle hire cost, driver fatigue, and most importantly a loss of productive revenue earning time for the crews of 2 full days.
Total comparison driving time 20 hrs

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More about the use of Charter Flights from Sydney for assisting the emergency services.

Flood relief is a critical endeavour and charter flights are an important part of that effort. Aerodyne Air Charter can help ensure proper crew transfers take place in a timely manner, allowing for the swift dissemination of personnel to affected areas. Our charter services provide efficient and reliable transportation for crew members who are essential for getting much-needed supplies reach those who require them most. Additionally, our charter services enable organizations involved in flood relief to keep their resources organized, as well as ensuring their staff is properly supported.

Organizations faced with disaster scenarios must be proactive when it comes to chartering aircrews and other personnel to maintain operations. With Aerodyne Air Charter, you can be confident that your regular crew transfers will continue without interruption. We will make sure that charter flights for crew transfers are timely, and our experienced personnel can provide the necessary support.

At Aerodyne Air Charter, we understand the urgency of chartering planes for flood relief efforts and ensure that all charter services are conducted in a safe and responsible manner. With our expertise, you can be assured that your regular crew transfers will be secure and seamless. Let us help you get the resources to those who need it most with charter flights from Aerodyne Air Charter!